Taking the Adobe Analytics Certification Exam

First things first: I won’t be covering specifically what’s in this exam, or “dumping” questions here or any of that stuff. There’s some legal stuff you agree to when you take the exam, and most of it surrounds capturing questions and disseminating that information, so not going to do that here.

However, when I was preparing for the exam, I wanted to get a feel for how the online proctored exam worked, and didn’t find much info, so thought I’d share some insights on that, and what I found useful in studying for the exam.

Also worth noting for clarity: I took the Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner (AD0-E202) Exam, there are also exams for certification in Adobe Analytics in the Architect and Developer roles as well.

Analyzing an unset Custom Dimension in Google Analytics

So this was an interesting problem to run in to. Here’s the premise: I had a website set up with a handful of Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics for a variety of purposes. One of which was used to categorize pages by the client’s business units. Since their business units were not a one-to-one mapping to their website’s product taxonomy, having a Custom Dimension hit-scoped for pageviews and events made reporting life much easier.

So, we go ahead and expose that data based on tags set in the CMS, and expose them to the data layer on the front side. So far, so good. However, two issues surrounding this: 1.) not all pages had the tags set in the CMS yet, and 2.) we were implementing this post-site launch, so plenty of data had already been collected without this Custom Dimension.